Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diamond Loves to Play

Diamond's ears stood up this week.  It was exciting.  She looks cute with her ears up.  Diamond plays cute with Norman.  They play all the time.  Norman is nice to Diamond most of the time.  She bit Norman on the face but she didn't mean it.  They were just playing.  Diamond likes to pull Normans tail.  Sometimes Norman pulls Diamond's tail.

Diamond likes to lay on me.  She can be very silly.  Do you see that her ears are standing up?

I'm laying by Diamond.  We were tired.  Diamond has cute face.

Here is a video of Diamond and Norman.  My mommy made it.  It shows how Diamond plays with Norman. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. The video is so cute! It looks like Norman is keeping a very close eye on the toys! Anything Diamond picks up, Norman takes back!

  2. Love the ears! Corgi ears are my favorite thing! I like it when they go flat against the head in luv ears!
    In the video it looks like Norman is very in charge! Wonder if he will always be?!