Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diamond at the B Match!

Diamond went to a "B Match" last weekend.  It was fun.  Diamond was really a good girl.  This was her first show.  When Diamond was on the table she stuck her tongue out at the judge.  It was cute.  

Diamond did a good job of walking around the ring.  She was so cute in the ring.  She walked like a big girl.  Everyone else thought that she was a pretty dog.  She got alot of compliments at the show.  This is Diamond doing her down and back.

Diamond did okay on the table.  She was a little goofy.  Daddy said the judge thought she was really sweet even though she was goofy.  Diamond didn't always cooperate but it was fine with me because she is just a baby puppy still.

Here is Diamond looking at the Judge.  I think she thought the Judge was wanting to play with her.  Doesn't she look cute standing there?

Diamond won some ribbons at her first show.  I was very proud of her.  I think she will be a good show dog when she can show at the real shows.  She is growing every day and loves to frap with Uncle Norman.


  1. So sweet! A winner in all categories!

  2. Diamond is such a sweet little puppy. If I was the judge I would give her first place for cuteness!