Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diamond Loves to Play

Diamond's ears stood up this week.  It was exciting.  She looks cute with her ears up.  Diamond plays cute with Norman.  They play all the time.  Norman is nice to Diamond most of the time.  She bit Norman on the face but she didn't mean it.  They were just playing.  Diamond likes to pull Normans tail.  Sometimes Norman pulls Diamond's tail.

Diamond likes to lay on me.  She can be very silly.  Do you see that her ears are standing up?

I'm laying by Diamond.  We were tired.  Diamond has cute face.

Here is a video of Diamond and Norman.  My mommy made it.  It shows how Diamond plays with Norman. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Took Pictures of Diamond Today!

Diamond lays on the couch and doses.  She makes a cute face when she goes to sleep.  Diamond plays with Norman so much until they dose off.  Uncle Norman makes a good pillow sometimes for Diamond.  Sometimes Diamond sleeps by Norman.

Diamond fell asleep on Uncle Norman.  I thought this was very cute.

Diamond shares a bone with Uncle Norman.  They love to play together.

Diamond is trying to take the bone from Uncle Norman.  Sometimes he lets her.

Diamond looks sad at the camera.  I think she knows she is cute.  Don't you agree?

I hope you enjoy my pictures of Diamond and Uncle Norman.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Things Diamond and Me Did Today!

Diamond is a busy puppy.  She follows me around.  I took pictures of  Diamond with my own camera today.  Here are some of them.

She is licking my toes.  This is our cat Smokie.

Diamond was trying to play with Smokie.  They are not sure about each other yet.

I wrote a song about Diamond.  Here it is.

I like to draw pictures of Cardigans.  Here are some pictures I drew of Diamond.  She still has one ear that doesn't stand up yet.

Diamond is very cute.  I hope you like to read about her.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Diamond Goes to School

I got to show off  Diamond at school today.  First, my teacher showed my whole class my new blog about Diamond.  Then, Diamond came to school to pick me up.

My teacher, Mrs. Petway, got to hold her.

The other teachers got to pet her.

 My friend Mallory played with her.  People asked alot of  questions about Cardigans.  Uncle Norman came too.  They wanted to know how girl Cardigans are different from boy Cardigans.  They wanted to know if Diamond would look alot like Uncle Norman. Diamond loved all of the petting.  She was a very good girl. She was tired after going  to school.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meet Diamond

Hi my name is Emily and I am 5 years old!  This is my new puppy Diamond.  She came home with me Friday night.  Her real name is Grangefield Lyberty Cracklin' Rosie Make Me a Smile and she is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  She is 11 weeks old.   We are going to learn about dog shows together.

She loves to play with her Uncle Norman.

 She likes sticks like Uncle Norman.

I hope you like my blog.