Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Last week I went to Huron, Ohio for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty.  It was a long way from Georgia to Ohio.  Our car was very very full of people and dogs and stuff.  I felt like a package stuffed in the back seat.  It was very cold to me when I got to Ohio.  We had a nice motel to stay in.  It had a whirlpool tub and an indoor swimming pool that was heated.

Diamond had a good week at the show.  On Wednesday, Diamond won 1st place in 12 to 15 month Puppy Sweepstakes.  We were very very excited.  Here is a picture of her with her ribbon.

Diamond's Brother "Cody" and Sister "TJ" also won ribbons in the Puppy Sweepstakes. Here is a photo of all three of them together.  Diamond is the goofy one in the middle!

The Dog Show was at the Sawmill Creek Resort right on Lake Erie.  We got to go out to see Lake Erie one day.  It was pretty.  This is Sarah and I at the pier.  Sarah is being silly!!

On Saturday, my sister Sarah got to compete in the Junior Handling Competition for the first time.  She won a second place ribbon.  I can't wait until I am old enough to be out there.  Norman was really cute in the ring and was a good boy! 

This is Sarah with her ribbon. 


Here is Sarah in the ring showing Norman.

Today I took the ribbons and showed them to my class at school.  Everyone liked our ribbons and hearing about the trip to Ohio.  My friend Zachary thought the top of the ribbon looked like a cupcake.  It was a long trip home and we were very tired when we got home.  We didn't get home until 4AM Sunday morning.  I really liked my trip to Ohio and want to go back sometime when we can go to Cedar Point and see the Peanuts stuff there!


  1. It sounds as if you had a great time on your trip. You must be very proud of Diamond. It looks like Sarah and Norman did a great job also.

  2. What a great post! It really was a lot of fun going to the Specialty.